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Creating  Lifetime  Memories for Generations to Share Forever

American Heartland Theme Park 

A Division Of

Mansion Entertainment Group

Turning a Vision into Reality

American Heartland Theme Park and Resort is a more than $2 billion entertainment destination development in northeast Oklahoma, just west of Grand Lake on Route 66. The development will be built in phases starting with a large-scale RV park with cabins, a film and television studio and a world-class theme park and resort. The American Heartland Theme Park will offer a visitor experience rivaling the world’s top resort destinations.

Gene Bicknell


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Larry Wilhite President

Our Mission Statement

Mansion Entertainment Group is on the verge of becoming the most powerful entity in family entertainment, with its unparalleled expertise across film, television, animation, music, theatre, and family immersive entertainment experiences.


With a commitment to producing high-quality, wholesome content that the entire family can enjoy, Mansion Entertainment Group has carved a niche for itself in the entertainment industry. Its impressive roster of talents, cutting-edge technology, and innovative storytelling techniques are a testament to its dedication to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences that leave a lasting impact on audiences.


As Mansion Entertainment Group continues to expand its reach and diversify its offerings, it is poised to become the go-to destination for families seeking engaging and meaningful entertainment that inspires, educates, and entertains.

Larry Wilhite

 President / Chief Operating Officer

Our Executive Committee

American Heartland Theme Park's executive team is comprised of over 500 years of Disney and Entertainment experience.  This award winning team spans generations of production, live entertainment, studio work, television, and theme park development.

  • Steve Hedrick – WDE Disney Executive 22 yrs (TP Industry 40 yrs)

  • John Sorenson - WDI Land Planner 30 yrs

  • Tom Turley - DLI Ops Planning & Development 45 yrs

  • Don Hilsen - WDI Ride Engineer - 30 yrs

  • John Polk - WDI Special Effects 20 yrs

  • Tim Kirk - WDI Concept Artist 35 yrs

  • Annette Crump - WDI Planner/Scheduler 11 yrs

  • Andy Burden – WDE/DLI Technical Design 12 yrs

  • Rick Allen – WDW Operations 43 yrs

  • Craig Hodges – WDW Operations - 42 yrs

  • Dave Vermeulen – Disneyland International 40 yrs

  • Ted Carlsson – Disneyland/WDI VP of Technical Design - 35 yrs

  • Scott Sinclair – Disneyland & WDI Theme Park Designer - 20 yrs

  • Ronnie Rodriquez – Disney Creative Entertainment - 35 yrs

  • Reggie Jarrett – Disney Entertainment – 35 yrs


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