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Sparks, steam and the spirit of American invention 


Behold Electropolis! A bright, bold vision of the American age of innovation. Rising like palaces from the greatest World's Fairs, the towers and structures of Electropolis stand for high voltage stories and high-powered thrills. The inventions of great American figures carry you swiftly and smoothly throughout this sparkling testament to the power of American genius.

Electropolis Main View

Electro CIty

The Power of American Genius 

Electro CIty Attraction

Terminal Velocity

Load: Excited butterflies kick in; guest move into loading corrals; final checks can be heard and seen as live

crew matching the automata's garb help riders to their vehicle.

Lock: Valiant riders board and a chain of "thumbs ups" ripple from the on deck operators to the automata

launch commander manning the command center; with a clearance klaxon, the train shutters onto a jostling 

switch track to the launch platform.

Electro City coaster view Velocity


This land will intrigue guest with teasers around every corner and a peak into the future.

Electro City concept drawing
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