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Adventures Vast and Deep

Stony Point Harbor

Cast off for daring exploits in this timeless coastal town, where feisty “old salts” tell tales of wild adventures at sea. Plunge into the abyss in search of a legendary sea monster. Set sail on a scenic excursion. And enjoy fresh seafood and hand-pulled saltwater taffy, as you work up the courage to explore the mysteries of the haunted lighthouse.  

Stony Point Harbor Main

Stony Point Harbor

Adventures Vast and Deep

Stony Point Harbor Overview

Haunted Lighthouse

The mystery of the haunted lighthouse awaits guest and intensifies their senses as they explore the stories within.  Don't be surprised if you encounter ghosts of the seas along the way.

Haunted Lighthouse where haunts hang out


Stony Point harbor overview

Stony Point Harbor view
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